How To Install A Ceiling Fan Where No Fixture Exists

Hey there homeowners! You’ve probably just bought a new ceiling fan and are all excited about how you can now keep your home nice and cool. However, you just realized there’s no existing fixture to facilitate this process. Here, we will show you how to install a ceiling fan where no fixture such as light … Read more

Which Way Should A Ceiling Fan Turn?

That sounds like a pretty simple question, right?  It deserves a pretty simple, short answer too, right? But on a second thought, your guess is as good as mine: not quite! Just kidding… The reality is, there is a basic response to this question and there is a broader consideration to other factors that will … Read more

How To Replace A Ceiling Fan

Have you noticed that your energy bills are highest during summer? It is because all the cooling systems need to work at the same time all the time to ensure that you do not melt under all that heat. One way you can checkmate those bills, however, is by using a ceiling fan on those … Read more

How To Fix A Ceiling Fan

In this article, we’ll show you how to safely install a ceiling fan for those hot days where there seems to be little to no fresh air.  To make this process simple, this article has been broken down into 4 major parts with subheadings under each process: Removal of the old fixture. Attachment of a … Read more