What Is A Downrod Mount Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home or office space in terms of adding style to a space in addition to keeping people cool on hot days. Ceiling fans normally come installed with blades which rotate. The rotation of these blades creates a current of air which ventilates and cools a hot room … Read more

What Is A DC Motor Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans are a great addition to most homes and sometimes even office spaces because they are quite versatile. They also don’t usually take up space in the house. Generally speaking, in most homes, vertical spaces are usually in abundance and this is the space that ceiling fans usually take up.  Most home owners buy … Read more

Why does my Ceiling Fan Make Noise?

It is very possible for you to have been a “victim” of a noisy ceiling fan. Know how frustrating that sound is? Just makes you want to tear your hair and scream “why does my ceiling fan make noise?!” right? You might have thought the fan was bad and you went ahead to replace it … Read more

Which Way Should A Ceiling Fan Turn?

That sounds like a pretty simple question, right?  It deserves a pretty simple, short answer too, right? But on a second thought, your guess is as good as mine: not quite! Just kidding… The reality is, there is a basic response to this question and there is a broader consideration to other factors that will … Read more