How To Install A Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket

Typically, ceiling fans are installed in most homes in order to keep it nice and cool, especially on long, hot days. If your ceiling fan is installed in your bedroom, then that’s great too. Having a ceiling fan installed in this room of the house is sure to make you sleep soundly, peacefully and comfortably.  … Read more

How To Install A Ceiling Fan Under A Deck

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What Is A Downrod Mount Ceiling Fan?

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How To Ground A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are not only a stylish addition to any home, kitchen, outdoor, bedroom, bathroom or office space, they are also quite economical. This is because getting a ceiling fan helps to keep your energy bills down as they consume less energy than air conditioners. A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan and is typically … Read more

How To Install A Ceiling Fan On A Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted ceilings are attractive, beautiful and usually quite grand in their own right. They usually lend a certain level of class and elegance to a room. This is because the tall ceiling also creates the illusion of a much larger room.  The only downside to having this type of ceiling is the fact that they … Read more

How To Install A Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

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How To Install A Ceiling Fan With Light

Handling electrical issues (how to install a ceiling fan with light, for instance) can sometimes seem like a hassle but the truth is, sometimes, it’s actually quite easy. If done with the right amount of planning and instructions you could handle it yourself and pretty easily too.  Now ceiling fans are quite easy to install. … Read more