What Color Of Ceiling Fan Should I Get?

what color of ceiling fan should i get
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Getting a ceiling fan installed in your home helps to keep it cozy and cool especially if you live in a sweltering hot country, state or area. 

Another added advantage of a ceiling fan is it can ensure your electricity bills remain low each month. That’s right, ceiling fans not only keep you cool, they also consume less energy in comparison to air conditioners.

Another advantage in addition to how practical they are is the fact that they can serve as a stylish addition to any room. This will depend on factors such as the finish of the fan, the style, and of course the color.

You may be shopping around for a ceiling fan which complements the current color scheme of your home, wondering, “what color of ceiling fan should I get?” You may also want your ceiling fan to match certain elements of design in your home or office.

Whatever the case may be, be rest assured that because there are so many different styles, colors and types to choose from, you will be able to purchase a suitable colored ceiling fan.

What Color Of Ceiling Fan Should I Get?

Choosing the color of ceiling fan suitable for the space you want it installed will depend on your individual taste and preference. You may also have to choose a color depending on the existing color scheme in your home or office. You may even decide to completely contrast and clash against the existing interior décor of your house.

Whatever the case may be, it will all boil down to what you truly desire and prefer.

We’ve given a brief breakdown below of the different types of colors you can purchase a ceiling fan in. But before we go on, sizing is, perhaps, more important than color when it comes to picking a ceiling fan. To learn how to correctly size your ceiling fan for your space, click here to read How Big A Ceiling Fan Do I Need?

1.   Color: Metal

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You can purchase a ceiling fan in this color and it’s usually a suitable color for houses which are more modern in their design. It also has a small industrial feel that comes along with it.

A metal-colored ceiling fan has the potential to steal all the attention of the room it’s in for the simple reason that it looks awesome!

2.   Color: White

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White is a great color to get a ceiling fan in because it’s that color that goes with practically everything! It’s also stylish, subtle and simple and works if you like minimalist themes.

If you have no idea where to start, you can’t go wrong white due to the reasons we’ve mentioned above. Generally speaking, a lot of ceilings are usually white in color so a white ceiling fan will fit in wonderfully.

3.   Color: Wooden

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A wooden colored fan is usually a great idea if you want your fan to look modern. It’s also an ideal fan regardless of if your home is styled traditionally or has a more modern approach.

It’s an innocuous option if you don’t want a color too simple such as white and you want your space to have a little more of a wow factor.

4.   Black

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Remember how we said earlier that most ceilings tend to be white? Now imagine a black ceiling fan contrasting against that white? It looks cool, right?

If you prefer a ceiling fan to be the main attraction in the room and make a statement then black is the recommended color for you to purchase.

Black is a stylish and very modern color and not only will the fan look cool while it does its thing, it will also keep you nice and cool.

This color comes in finishes which include bullion black, barbeque black, textured matte black and matte black. Whether the design in your home is modern or traditional, there’s a black finish you can purchase.

If you’d like to give your ceiling fan a color makeover yourself, check the video below to learn how.

Additional Colors To Choose From

The design employed in ceiling fans has been through a process of revitalization recently.

You can now choose from colors we’ve listed below:

1.   Brushed Nickel

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These ceiling fans come with several finishes including brushed steel, brushed silver, pewter, titanium, and satin nickel. A lot of ceiling fans which are brushed nickel inevitably have a modern vibe simply because of the finish they have.

2.   Bronze

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Ceiling fans which come in this color are ideal when it comes to matching it with furniture and dark woods in your home. It is also suitable for use in an outdoor or indoor environment.

A lot of precise finishes come under this category of bronze and they include brushed cocoa, oil rubbed bronze, distressed bronze, new bronze, bronze accent and restoration bronze.

Different ceiling fan manufacturers have ceiling fans in several bronze styles which is perfect if you’re the picky type and like having a lot of options.

3.   Polished Silver

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Ceiling fans which come in this color tend to be quite shiny and are also quite reflective much like a mirror. Finishes include polished nickel and chrome.

If you’re looking for a modern ceiling fan, then this is a suitable choice because they are amongst ceiling fans classified as modern in the market.

When considering factors like finish, these ceiling fans are unique. All you need to ensure when cleaning them is to not leave fingerprint marks. They are truly beautiful ceiling fans indeed.

4.   Brass

Get the Minka Aire Artemis IV LED Ceiling Fan in Soft Brass here!

If you like a more traditional, nostalgic feel of the past, then you can purchase a ceiling fan in this color. Finishes include antique brass and bright brass and they are unique burnished brass.

5.   Tan Gold

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Gold and tan ceiling fans finishing include the following – gold, light brown and golden highlights. Finishes which are similar also go into this classification.

6.   Weathered

Get the Quorum Indoor Windmill Ceiling Fan in Oiled Bronze with Weathered Oak Blades here!

The finishes have quite a number of very common finishes used for outdoor spaces including: weathered bronze, rust, rustic iron and weathered brick. They certainly give outdoor spaces and even indoor spaces a unique vibe.

7.   Reddish Tones/Copper

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Ceiling fans which are copper and also have a tone which is reddish are not as easy to get however if you look hard enough, you can get them. They have an exclusive feel due to the red sheen which is built-in. When looking at them at certain angles, this red sheen can be visible and helps to add to that exclusive feel.

8.   Novelty Colored Fans

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These ceiling fans are truly special indeed and are among the distinctive fans available to buy. They come in different types including ceiling fans designed for children, and fun fans. They are definitely unique!

9. Dark Grey 

The finishes of this ceiling fan color come in graphite and dark grey. Finishes which are similar can also be classified in this group. 

10.   Aluminum

11.  Rust

Another great thing is the fact that there are also a lot of finishes that can be obtained from the colors listed above. This means when it comes to choosing a color for your ceiling fan, you’re spoilt for choice.

One of the ways you can get creative is by matching the color of the blade with the wood color that’s the principal color in a space or room. It’s a nice way of blending in with the décor theme which already exists in the room.  

Let’s use this as an example: A living room has molding bordering the fireplace, a wooden floor and decorated furniture which all have cherry-stained wood.

To keep things exciting, an owner can decide to install a ceiling fan which has a cherry color (blades) against a ceiling which is white in color. This will provide adequate contrast and make the space visually stimulating.

Alternatively, a homeowner or interior designer may decide to match the color of the ceiling fan blades with the accessories or hardware in the room.

Going this route makes it easier and contains much less speculation. This is because you won’t need to spend hours to determine which color of ceiling fan complements a grey wall.

You also won’t need to spend hours determining which color of ceiling fan complements a ceiling which is white in color.

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Try Varying The Colors In Each Room Of Your Home

This is one of the tricks you can apply to make sure the décor in your house does not look boring and the same. You can use a mix of different colors in each room of your house.

For example, try using the basic color choices in a room like the bedroom so that it remains understated and is not too overpowering.

For the outdoor space of your home, you can always apply some color there to give it some life.

A new trend is installing a ceiling fan which is black in color against a ceiling which is white in color.

Although it’s a trendy option, it’s actually advisable that there’s a little bit of black present in the existing décor for it to work very well.

If you don’t like designing and decorating very often, it’s advisable you research various color options properly. Once you’ve done your research then you can select the color of ceiling fan best suited for your lifestyle needs and preferences. 

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